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The siting of mobile phone masts, tetra masts, 3G masts, GSMR masts, network rail masts & other types of mobile phone masts & mobile communication masts and electricity pylons are widely alleged to have caused and to be causing many various health problems including cancers.
They are also alleged to be causing what is generally recognized as being a "new" set of symptoms of varying seriousness & which are labelled as

"electrical sensitivity" or "electrical hypersensitivity" abbreviated to "ES" or "EHS",

or - "electromagnetic sensitivity" / "electromagnetic hypersensitivity".

We do say "alleged" as there is as yet no scientific agreement on what is and what is not a "safe" level of such radiation. The proportion of the population affected by such radiations varies markedly depending on who you ask, but estimates range anywhere between 3% and 35% overall - a LOT of people by any standards!

The associated medical problems and their symptoms include the following:

Various cancers, childhood leukaemia, depression, immune system disorders, miscarriage, heart problems, blood problems, calcium loss, hearing problems, skin problems, sleep problems, loss of memory and concentration, extreme fatigue, infertility, neurological problems, tinnitus, migraine, hallucinations, rashes, muscular pain, headaches, sensory disturbance, extreme irritability, etc.

Some report tingling in the extremities and hearing whistling or humming or pulsing noises which are coincident with the siting of a new mast.

Electrical hypersensitivity / electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms are wide ranging and include the following: flu-like symptoms, dry mouth/ throat & nose, warmth or tingling in the face & extremities, hyperactivity, dry itchy stinging eyes or eye irritation, dizziness, joint/muscle pains, memory loss etc, whilst in the vicinity of electrical equipment such as computers, mobile phones, mobile phone masts, VDUs, microwave cookers, etc.

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