Mobile Phone Masts

Information & links regarding mobile phone masts, Tetra masts, 3G masts, GSMR masts, network rail masts & other sources of electromagnetic radiation EMR & electricity pylons & illnesses caused, leukaemia, electrical hypersensitivity etc.

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Subjects covered include mobile phones, mobile phone masts, 3G masts, network rail masts, GSMR masts, electricity pylons, leukaemia, electrical hypersensitivity, electromagnetic radiation, electrical field radiations. Use of mobile phones. Mobile phone masts & children, mobile phone masts - pressure groups, electricity pylons & leukaemia, 3G masts, GSMR masts Electricity pylons & children, shielding from electricity pylons, Siting of mobile phone masts, Siting of electricity pylons Mobile phone masts - shielding from. Mobile phone masts - pulsing effects, mobile phone masts - campaigning against, Electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Mobile phone mast operators, hidden mobile phone masts, the NRPB & mobile phone mast regulations, ICNIRP & mobile phone mast use.